Frozen FootGolf & S'Moor Ball

Saturday, January 26, 2019

9:30 am - 2:30 pm
Moor Downs Golf Course*

Try Winter FootGolf! A combination of golf and soccer.  Kick the soccer ball into the oversize hole - in the fewest amount of kicks. Bring your own soccer ball or use one of ours. Held with or without snow.

Walk-ins welcome the day of the event. Reserve a tee-time to ensure your spot at

Frozen FootGolf SMoorBall

What is “S’MoorBall?” It is Moor Down’s version of “Snookball,” a combination of billiards and soccer played on an oversized billiards table/field. Kick a soccer ball into the corner or side “pockets.” Balls provided and two tables/fields will be available for play. Held with or without snow. 

*MOOR DOWNS GOLF COURSE is located at 438 Prospect Avenue, in Waukesha.  For Parking: Take Moreland Blvd. to Riverview Ave., turn right by Health and Human Services Building and go to the far west lot.

Brought to you by:  Waukesha County Park System - Major Partner