Ice Sculpting Contest - CANCELED

This event is canceled due to the weather.  Hope to see you next year!

Saturday, January 26, 2019

Downtown Waukesha 
9:00 am and 4:00 pm - Ice Carvers Create Ice Sculptures

Come downtown for the ice sculpting competition where the pros turn 300 pound blocks of ice into works of art! Judging starts at 2:00 pm.  

Children's Ice Sculpting demonstration is in from of Picky Picky Resale Shop and is from 11:00 am - 1:30 pm where smaller hands can try carving ice!

Ice Sculpting Locations 2019

Ice Location Map
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Location Key

 1 Waukesha Tattoo 463 W. Main St.
 2 Couri Insurance Agency 379 W. Main St.
 3 Crush Wine Bar 378 W. Main St.
 4 Maggellan's on Main St. 370 Main St.
 5 Hippenmeyer Reilly 720 Clinton St.
 6 Taylor's Peoples Park 337 W. Main St.
 7 The Steaming Cup 340 W. Main St.
 8 VanBier Salon 914 Clinton St.
 9 Waukesha State Bank  100 Bank St.
 10  Donnie Boy's Tap 362 W. Main St.
 11 Roots Cafe & Coffee Bar 363. W. Main St.
 12 The Clarke Hotel 314 W. Main St.
 13 Picky Picky Resale Shop 301 W. Main St.
 14 Melis 294 W. Main St.
 15 Little Swiss Clock Shop 270 W. Main St.
 16 Martha Merrell's Books & Toys 231 W. Main St.
 17 Plowshare/Subway 219 W. Main St.
 18 Smart Asset Realty 220 W. Main St.
 19 Discount Liquor 919 W. Barstow
 20 5 Points Brew and Sweets 279 W. Main St.

2018 Ice Carving Information

Winners from the 2018 Event

First Place -   

Gary Richter.     Ice Dancers     Taylor’s People Park

Dancing Couples

Second Place -     

Gina Diliberti     Steaming Cup     Meeples (board games) 


Game Pieces

Tied for Third Place

-     Josh Jakubowski.       Rings           Clarke Hotel.

Tied for Third Place Paul Laabs  Olympic Flame/Rings  Couri Insurance