Ice Sculpting Competition

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Downtown Waukesha 
10:00 am - 2:00 pm - Ice Carvers Create Ice Sculptures

Watch carvers sculpt blocks of ice into works of art!

Judging takes place at 2:00 pm.  

More information on artists and locations, coming soon!

2021 Sculpting Locations Waukesha, WI

Number Location Name Address
1. Rochester Deil 143 W. Broadway
2. The Rotunda 235 W. Broadway
3. Mountain Top Coffee 363 W. Main St.
4. Martha Merrell's  231 W. Main St.
5. Burlap and Lace 272 W. Main St.
6. People's Park 337 W. Main St.
7. Waukesha State Bank 151 E. Saint Paul Ave.
8. Almont Gallery 342 W. Main St.
9. Guitar for Life Café 279 W. Main St.
10. Smart Asset Realty 200 W. Main St.
11. Beyond Full Spectrum 300 W. Main St.
12. Joke Shop 265 W. Main St.
13. Mia's 800 Clinton St.
14. Paws for a Moment 320 South St.
15. Allo! Chocolat 234 W. Main St.

2020 Ice Sculpting Winners

First Place -   

Jimmy Dennis       Elephant        Couri Insurance


Second Place -

Gary Richter       Sail Boat        Steaming Cup


Third Place -

Dan Ingebrigtson    Little Boy Cowboy Boot 
                                                                               Taylor's People's Park

Cowboy Boots

2018 Ice Sculpting Winners

First Place -   

Gary Richter.     Ice Dancers     Taylor’s People's Park

Dancing Couples

Second Place -     

Gina Diliberti     Steaming Cup     Meeples (board games) 


Game Pieces

Tied for Third Place

-     Josh Jakubowski.       Rings           Clarke Hotel.

Tied for Third Place Paul Laabs  Olympic Flame/Rings  Couri Insurance